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20 02 2009

Pornscorts has a new home. The new URL is:

Meet Capri Cavalli

16 02 2009

Pornscorts now hosted at

Capri Cavalli is a relatively unknown American pornscort. But she is also a relatively hot pornscort. Fewer tattoos and mileage than Monique Alexander, and just as attractive. See her in Los Angeles, where she is also willing to star in your very own private video.

Monique Alexander on the scene

14 02 2009

Pornscorts now hosted at

Hard to believe it, but Monique Alexander is now escorting. This pornscort started out stripping in Sacramento, then did girl-girl scenes only for a tortuously long period of time before taking the plunge into real porn. Rocco broke her in in a very good scene. Her contract with Vivid kept her doing some nice b/g scenes, and even some interracial.

Monique has reportedly lost her Vivid contract because she got too many tattoos (what is it with these women?) And there is a rumor she needs cash to pay for some recent surgery. Any help gentlemen? Pierre Woodman says she is a fellatio expert. Do you need another reason?

Monique makes some controversial comments on being a pornstar on Nightline:

Prague Babes re-emerges

14 10 2008

Pornscorts now hosted at

Prague Bunnies appears to be no more (update: they have since reappeared with a similar stable of women). One of the original Prague agencies, Prague Bunnies has represented many Czech pornscorts over the years. But thankfully Prague Babes has reappeared and stepped up to the plate. Its current gallery of superstar pornscorts includes:

This is truly an awesome listing, and several lesser pornscorts are also available. The really big news is the possible return of Julie Silver to the pornscort scene and the better accessibility of Angel Dark through this well established agency.

Nessa Devil

22 08 2008

Pornscorts now hosted at

Pierre Woodman is a legend in the porn world. He finds many of the hottest women in the industry and has his tawdry way with them. One of his latest protégés is Nessa Devil, a very petite 19-year-old Czech. She doesn’t have a long filmography, but given her association with Woodman, I’m sure she will soon be defiled every which way for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a difference between American and European pornscorts. Americans wait till they are past their prime and have no other prospects. Europeans start escorting in their prime. Europeans make better capitalists, no? So Nessa Devil is now available at White Panther Agency as Nikol. Another difference between American and European pornscorts? Price. You can have Nikol for as little as €500 for 3 hours. Perhaps Americans are the better capitalists after all.

How can you resist her?

Spend the night with Hollywood star turned pornstar Holly Sampson

18 08 2008

Pornscorts now hosted at

Holly Sampson is a pornscort lover’s dream. A mainstream actress turned softcore actress turned hardcore pornstar turned escort. And a great escort, according to reviews. Can you think of another mainstream star who is so fallen an angel?

Search for her under several names including Holly Sampson (most mainstream and softcore, including Emmanuelle), Zoe (ALS Scan), and Nicolette (hardcore). Although her porn career wasn’t extensive, the former Wonder Years actress did manage to do some pretty wild things on film, including an interracial blowjob, peeing, and fisting. For $600/hour, maybe she’ll even do the same wild things with you.

There’s a lot of her mainstream work available (including her appearance on The Wonder Years, but she was a teen in those, so I won’t link it). For a sample, check her out in the movie Pretty Cool:

Want to visualize what it would be like with her? Look at this amateur-looking photoset (complete with some blurry pictures) that looks like an escort session:

Venus (Angelica Costello) drops from the scene

15 08 2008

Pornscorts now hosted at

Venus (also known by her Penthouse Pet name Angelica Costello and by her escort handle VenusPet) is known for her stunning good looks (in her Penthouse spreads) and her lack of any sexual inhibitions whatsoever (in her porn performances). Lucky for some of us, we could until recently experience both qualities by contacting her directly. Her latest post to the TER was in February and members in June reported that her e-mail was bouncing. Her TER reviews now have no contact info listed.

That means she has temporarily or permanently retired. So in honor of VenusPet, let me highlight two of her top porn performances that we can watch, thinking of ourselves in the male role:

Venus at Amateur Creampies

If you want to imagine yourself in an escort session with Venus, this is it. This video starts with a great (but frankly very creepy) “interview” with amateurish, ex-swinger Rick, where he tells her how much he wanted to meet her:

Venus in Shane’s World 29:

In this movie, Venus goes on a sex scavenger hunt. She shows her true escort tendencies in this movie: she meets strangers off the street and gives them bareback blowjobs:


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